Jet Ski Rentals

We were the first watercraft rentals on Pensacola beach in 1975 and the fact that we are still in business means that we are very good at what we do. All these years we’ve been proud to live by our motto; “Safety First, Safety Second… Safety Always!”


Our safety instructions are geared toward the person that’s had little or no opportunity to become familiar with boats and teach them to have fun on the water with minimal risk and maximum safety.

We rent Yamaha Waverunner watercraft that seat up to 3 people and that perform as well as any other private craft of the same model. Of course it comes with safety gear and all our best effort to keep you informed of all you need to know.


Watercraft and Passenger Information

Drivers born January 1st 1988 and After Please bring your drivers license and florida requires( nasbla approved) proof of boaters education.

We offer the florida temporary boaters education certificate test for $3.00, which when passed, which most people do, is good for one year.


Other options:

Take the boaters education requirement before the rental visit and bring the certificate with you. for a boaters course, or your state may have an approved boaters education course, or go to the FWC (florida fish and wildlife for the florida boaters course)

Riders at 14 and 15 years of age may drive with the parent on board. Riders 16 and 17 years of age may drive with out parent on board, see above requirements, and parent or legal guardian rents the jet ski and remains on site during the rental.

We Now Have a Jet Ski Dolphin and Nature Tour!

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