Island Palms Miniature Golf

When it comes to mini golf courses ours is less well known then some state secrets.

So we invite you to come play with us on our great, challenging and fun course for everyone young, old or anywhere in-between. Besides the fun of the course’s challenges, the beauty of it’s surroundings is as relaxing as it is breathtaking. The course winds through the shady palm trees with the sounds and freshness of the cooling breezes coming off the waters of the bay.

We are away from the crowd but easily accessible, and without any heat absorbing black top parking lots around. You can relax and enjoy yourselves and the surroundings and in-between holes; you can watch the boats on the water and if you look close, you might spot some dolphins while you play.

There are plenty of benches to relax between holes or wait for the Golfers ahead of you and you’ll never be more then a few steps away from our large covered deck with real rest rooms, snack bar and cold beverage machines. Enjoy yourselves… this place is fun!